Moving targets



Cellphone theft is on the rise and anyone of us could be the next victim, including school children who own a smart phone. Getting your device snatched is becoming a scarily common occurrence. But this is no wonder when we take into account how many of us carry a smart phone out in public, blissfully ignorant of those observing us. Many school children are robbed of their phones while walking home from school, or whilst waiting at the bus stop. This happens when the user is so engrossed attending a call, checking for messages or reading the latest post, that they don’t notice when a thief is about to commit a crime.

Here are some tips to prevent it from happening to YOU:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings. That way you will be able to react to any suspicious activity going on around you which might put your possessions (AND YOU) in danger.
  • Using a handsfree unit is a better option while out in public. This will avoid you flashing your phone in front of greedy people.
  • Do not text and walk. Although many of us find it almost impossible not to react to the “ding” of our phone no matter where we are, taking it out to check and answer that message leaves us in a very vulnerable position.
  • Never keep your phone in “easy to access” places, such as: the back pocket of your pants; the front pocket of your jacket; the outer pocket of your backpack/handbag, ect. Avoid showcasing your phone when you are not using it.
  • Avoid storing all your personal information on your phone. If your phone gets stolen, you can become a target for various scams. Always password protect your phone.