The Parklands Neighbourhood Watch ANPR Camera Project

What is ANPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

What is the PNW ANPR camera project?

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch has partnered with Navic (National Vehicle Intelligence Cloud) to bring the Navic Cloud Automatic Number Plate Recognition camera system to our area of Sector 2 (Parklands/Parklands North/Sandown/Sunningdale/Rivergate/Pioneer Valley).

Who is Navic?

Navic’s technology and investigations tools are deployed nationally in residential, commercial and Law-Enforcement structures. Navic’s ANPR works by analysing the camera data, which is then processed through a series of intelligent algorithms / ai. The company was formed in 2016 to provide a security platform for communities, businesses and the government in the fight against crime in South Africa. The company has evolved into a complete ANPR, object analytic and intelligence ecosystem.

ANPR Cameras Installed?

We have our pilot cameras installed at various entry/exit points. Two of these cameras are a partnership between PNW & UPC Tactical Secure Protection and we wish to thank UPC Tactical Secure Protection for their assistance and sponsorship of our pilot cameras. You can find out more about UPC Tactical Secure Protection by visiting them on Facebook –

How will our ANP project work?

Partnerships with SAPS, Law Enforcement agencies and the various ARCS in our area have been formed for sharing of information and alerts.

How do we aim to develop this project?

Partnerships with residents and businesses to build up our ANPR camera network at strategic points.

Please support this project and donate towards it (please use the reference ANPR), it is for the safety of the entire neighbourhood.

If you would like to sponsor a camera or the monthly fee please email