A members car showing off our Navic support and response – Photographs by Marius Bester

Mandela Day / Pray for SA Snake Patrol 20201

Mandela Day 18 July 2020

On Scene

Stand Off

SAPS & PNW Operations

PNW Clean Ups

Control Room

Patrol Teams


Members Meetings

PNW Training with Charl Viljoen (Broken Windows Theory)

Give Responsibly Campaign

Mandela Day – 67 Minute Patrol 2015

Top Patrollers


Training from the Department of Community Safety


At Markets


Appreciation Service Unsung Heroes 2015


Christmas Presents for SAPS

EFAR Training


Mandela Day – 67 Minute Patrol 2016


TVRPA Certificate Of Appreciation awarded to PNW


Appreciation Service 2016


Neighbourhood Watch Awards 2016

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch won the Watch of the year for 2016


PNW Accredited by the Department of Community Safety

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch was officially accredited under the new legislation by the Department of Community Safety.

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch attended the Department of Community Safety accreditation ceremony this evening and we were 1 of 27 Neighbourhood Watches to officially receive our accreditation recognition and certificate. DOCS also gave each Neighbourhood Watch a box with many items such as vehicle roof lights, car magnets, torches, fire extinguisher, medical kit, official branded vests etc. They also provided supper for the Neighbourhood Watches who were all officially recognised this evening. Minister Dan Plato hosted the evening and thanked each of the 27 Neighbourhood Watches for all they do in their communities. WELL DONE TO ALL THE PARKLANDS NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH MEMBERS.


Renewal of DOCS Accreditation 2019


Parklands Spar Donation


Stand Off & Operations