Monday 9 May 2016

Sandown Retail Crossing Parklands

Medical Assistance

Here follows the report from Guy Kukard who called PNW today for medical assistance.

My son and myself were at Sandown Retail Crossing on our way to Checkers. As we walked towards Checkers, we heard a voice saying “please help me”. I heard her voice about 3 times before I turned around only to see a young lady holding a little girl upside down. I walked towards her at the same time as a lady in a white VW Polo parked next to them did. They both looked very stressed. She said she thinks her girl is choking. We could not establish if the child was was breathing. We started to panic. That’s when I phoned PNW for help. I asked PNW to send medics. Someone shouted at us that there is a doctor at the centre. The mother then ran with the child to the doctors rooms. I followed with the other lady to the doctors rooms. When we got there, the doctor asked me to ask the medics to please send a vehicle that has breathing equipment to their rooms as the child needs to go to hospital. The Community Medics were great and PNW were key in the communication process.

PNW would like to thank Guy Kukard for his quick thinking and caring attitude as well as the other people on the scene that assisted and advised that there were doctors rooms at the centre. PNW would also like to thank the doctor at the centre and the medics who responded. Well done all. This was GREAT community team work.



Friday 12 August 2016

Forum Security thanks PNW

Hi Gary

Just some info; on the 11th August 2016  at 23H30 we received a distress signal client Norton Square, intruder was inside boyfriends car (unlocked).

Same vehicle that back window was smashed 4 weeks ago and laptop stolen.

Our control room notified SAPS they on the scene in minutes compliments to them.

PNW were on the scene and assisted with the search for the intruder who was short and wearing a beanie.

Client did not give a very good description of the intruder.

On behalf of Forum Security we would like to thank all the PNW members who were involved.

Kind regards

Leon and Suzette


46 Barlinka Ave

Table View


Tel: 021 556 9896

Fax: 021 557 3146

Website: www.forumsecurity.co.za



Friday 23 September 2016

Missing School Girl / PNW Assists

Message from the mother

Message from skyla’s mom –

To all the Parents of the school and especially Skyla’s class you are all my guardian angels…and I’l be forever in you debt.

But to everyone from Neighbour hood watch to all the other help out there I just want to say thank you for your help. Am the proudest mommy of Sunningdale Primary and couldn’t have asked for a better school. Thank you so much!! This is absolutely breathtaking….at a loss for words. Never loved so many strangers I’ve never met before!! Thank you…please put this on Facebook!!



Friday 14 April 2017

House break in Avonmouth Crescent Parklands

Message from the resident

Hi everybody. I just wish to express my sincere gratitude to the PNW team. My house was broken into once again in the early hours of this morning. PNW are more efficient than any other security team or force around Parklands. Thank you once again.

Reply from PNW

Thank you. We will always assist when we can. Remember PNW members are all volunteers so not always available 24hrs a day but our PNW Watch phone is available 24hrs a day to receive calls – 079 453 7420 and arrange assistance via radio. Why not consider joining the Watch and becoming radio linked.



Four suspects arrested with stolen vehicle and firearm in Table View

Media Statement from Western Cape Media Centre
Corporate Communication and Liaison

South African Police Service

Western Cape: A Parklands Neiourhood Watch member assisted Table View Police in the apprehension of four suspects on Wednesday, 01 August 2018 in Parklands shortly after lunch time. The watch member did exactly what is expected from him.  He observed from a distance, and informed police about a presumable stolen vehicle driving in the Parklands area. Officers from Table View Police Station were soon behind the neighbourhood watch member.

When the driver of the presumed stolen vehicle noticed police, he stopped and two occupants ran towards a local hair salon in Link Road. Two occupants remained inside the vehicle, which was approached with caution. The vehicle was indeed reported stolen in Rondebosch in July 2018.

The other two men, who jumped out of vehicle were cornered inside the hair salon, where one of the men dropped a firearm on a chair in the salon before surrendering to police. The four men, aged in their late twenties and early thirties, were arrested and detained. They are facing charges of being in possession of a stolen motor vehicle and illegal possession of a firearm. The suspects are due to appear in the Cape Town Magistrates Court on Friday, 03 August 2018.

Western Cape Provincial Commissioner Lt Gen KE Jula expressed his gratitude towards the neighbourhood watch member, as a partner and for doing what he is mandated to do in being the eyes and ears of the community and police. He also commended the police members for taking yet another firearm of the streets of the Western Cape.


Enquiries: Captain FC Van Wyk- 082 302 9906 wcmedia@saps.org.za

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SAPoliceService
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SAPoliceService
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sapoliceservice_za/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SAPoliceService
Website: www.saps.gov.za





Mandela Day 18 July 2020 High Visibility Patrol and Donation drop off at Peace Home

Parklands Neighbourhood Watch Mandela Day high visibility SNAKE PATROL and donation drop off at Peace Home with Aziza Nolan. Thank you so much for your kind donations, we are so grateful❤️🙏 #mandeladay2020 #snakepatrol #donations #67minutes #peacehome