Available Roles in the Watch

General Members

A general member is the basic eyes and ears of the Watch. The role consists of the following:

  • Eye and Ears then reports back on any findings.
  • Attends AGM’s and members meetings.
  • Joins on SAPS/PNW operations and events.
  • Assists in fundraising events.
  • Joins in the social events.

General members receive basic information and feedback from the watch.

Patrolling Members

Performs the same role as general members but includes the following:

  • Visible patrols to deter crime.
  • Responds to active incidents.
  • Responds to ANPR camera alerts.
  • Are radio linked and relay information to other patrollers via this medium.
  • Are part of the special alerts group.
  • Patrolling hours are recorded.

Patrolling members receive more detailed information and feedback from the Watch